Riley Cavanagh, the man behind the images began his journey when the snapshots he was taking of the beautiful destinations he and his family where visiting just couldn't convey the message visually that he was witnessing with his owns eyes. After a trip from the North West of WA he decided perhaps photography could be the creative outlet to really communicate the message and move people the way the isolated outback of the Kimberley's or the pindan of the Pilbara did for him.

As always, he thought if he is going to commit to doing something then he needs to do it well. So he decided to seek professional experience and enrolled in a diploma of freelance photography with the Photography Institute in Australia. He graduated less than a year later top of his class. 


TO THE MOON -01-01.jpg

The main aim to his work, is to open up people’s eyes to the beauty of the animals and natural landscapes we have in our residential and industrial areas. Our local parks and bush reserves. Even some of the most remote corners of our state and bring those scenes into the home or work place by creating beautiful bespoke one of a kind prints that will take your breath away and connect you to the country you love.  His work is unlike anything you will see on google. He produce’s limited quantities of each print per year to maintain the value and to increase the uniqueness of the image. Also, with every print, It include’s the story behind the shot. This story will give you an inside into how the shot came about, information on the location, animal or flower species, and you will also receive a preview of other shots in the series that can be purchased at a discounted rate for being a loyal client. As a creator he believes a picture can tell 1000 words, but add a story and that picture has 10 times more meaning.

Riley Cavanagh shooting an image of the flooded Herdsman Lake, WA, Winter 2018.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas wall art in dining room.